Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Karun Eyewear company aspires to be the leader in the optical industry by providing quality, fashionable and functional frames from 100% recycled materials. The following guidelines serve as the company’s general product warranty policy and procedures.


At Karün, we make high quality products, in a different way. Striving for the highest industry quality standards, combined with material innovations, is something we work for every day

Karün warranty, we commit to always be there for you:

  • Manufacturing defaults are covered for a period of 2 years, offering free exchange or repair.
  • If your product has reached the end of life, we can offer you to recycle it and get a 25% discount for a new purchase. If you collect 4 pairs will provide you one for free.

If it falls under warranty: 2-year warranty on manufacturing defaults on all Karün products. Karün will  exchange if not repairable and recycle the broken frame / parts. Free returns for our EyeRecommend customers.

If it does not fall under warranty: do not hesitate to contact us to check the repairing options (not valid for lenses) or the recycling process in exchange for a 25% discount code.

To process a claim contact us to Canada@karunworld.com and kindly include the following information:

  1. How can Karün be of any assistance to resolve your issue?
  2. What happened - please describe the issue + send images.
  3. Which model do you have (Check inside of temple - 8-character code).
  4. Where did you buy the Karun product?
  5. When did you buy the Karun product?
  6. Provide us with your contact information (Business Name)

What is not covered by Karun Warranty?

Karün strives to accommodate its customers where possible, yet normal wear and tear or general misuse is not a defect, and as such is not covered. This includes the following:

  • Products purchased from an unauthorized dealer
  • Regular wear and tear including scratches, and/or any damage caused by the user including breakage, or exposure to chemicals which are reactive to frame materials.
  • Aftermarket repairs and/or alterations
  • Improper use such as bending, or damage caused by incorrect fit
  • Improper handling or mounting of lenses resulting in damage to the frame
  • All incidences occurring outside of the 2 year warranty period

* Karün is not responsible for additional coverage offered by retail dealers.

How to request a return and package the frame(s)?

Karün prides itself on having an extremely low defective ratio, yet there may be those unavoidable instances where a potential replacement (or return) is required. If you have a product which you deem defective or need to receive a return authorization for any reason, please follow the following steps for us to service you in a swift manner. Failure to do so may result in a delay in receiving credit.. Please assist us in expediting the process.

  1. You must first request a Return Authorization:
  • If defective: Please contact customer service at Canada@karunworld.com If a general return is needed: Please contact your Sales Agent accordingly 2.  Once your return is registered, you will receive a Return Authorization Number (RA) 3.   Pack the frame(s) in the following manner:
  • Frames should be cleaned and free of residue prior to sending .Place each frame in the carbon box with the case.
  • Once packaged, please write the RA number on the outside of the box
  1. Ship your items via trackable carrier (insurance is recommended) to the appropriate Karün address: 3300 Steeles ave West unit 19, Cocorde,Onatrio L4K2Y4
  2. Please note that the processing of your return & subsequent credit may take 2-4 weeks